Introduction to Art History


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Introduction to Art History

Art History, Culture and You

The following topics will be explored:

Ancient Times

Tombs of the dead were filled with various artifacts such as art objects, statues and pictures of the deities

Greek Civilization

Other Examples of Greek Art

Roman Art - 100BC - 300 AD

Use of Fresco Paintings (paintings of colored plaster)

Examples of Roman Art

The Middle Ages 300AD - 1400 AD

Byzantium (Eastern Europe) developed a new style of building --- a huge dome over its center supported by four large piers.

Churches often reflected the Latin Cross

In the later middle ages buildings increasingly became larger with the development flying buttresses, decorative outsides, pointed arches - lead to the widespread use of stained glass

Examples of Art from the Middle Ages

The Renaissance - 1400 - 1600

Painting and Sculpture became the major art forms

Italy became the focal point of the early Renaissance with the emergence of:

Raphael Sanzio - painting

The artists of Venice were influenced by Greek and Roman mythology

Examples of Renaissance Art

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Baroque and Rococo - 1400 - 1800

Perspectives became distorted, emphasis on the extremes of movement, excitement, light and shadow

Emphasis once again focused on architecture - redesigning the dark Gothic cathedrals into bright, shiny achievements

Emphasis once again focused on architecture - redesigning the dark Gothic cathedrals into bright, shiny achievements

The emergence of the Northern Europe painters who emphasized swirling movement and both texture and light to express feelings and moods

Examples of Baroque Art

Rococo - 1700

Emphasis was also placed on capturing everyday people and things (Chardin) and creating strong nationalistic feelings (Goya)

Examples of Rococo

The Nineteenth Century

Neoclassical Art

Romanticism - artistic emphasis was on sharing the feelings and emotions of adventures both past and present.

Examples of Romanticism

Realism - an art style that shows nature and people just the way the painter observes them - often very little emotion involved on behalf of the subject

Examples of Realism

Impressionism and Post -Impressionism

They painted such topics as the effect that the light and colors of sunshine has on grass, water and trees.

Impressionism - often use light colors, very little black paint, a summertime setting and little detail

Examples of Impressionism

Post-Impressionist - this artistic approach resulted from contempt for seemingly incomplete artwork

Vincent Van Gogh

Examples of Post - Impressionism

The Twentieth Century


Examples of Cubism

Abstract Art

Abstract Art


Expressionist / Fauvism




Abstract Expressionism

They developed their own ways of painting using color, brushwork, drips, slashes, swirls and textures

Abstract - Expressionism

Contemporary Art

Hard Edge Painting

Examples of Hard Edge

Op Art

Op Art was a movement that encompassed the human eye ---- the most important tool for interpreting art.

Examples of Op Art

Pre - pop Art

Examples of Pre-Pop Art

Pop Art

Overnight became a marketing phenomenon as new artistic style

Andy Warhol

Examples of Pop Art


Minimal art attempts to separate the piece from the outside world

Examples of Minimalism

Conceptual Art

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