Shoe Box Book Report


Using a shoebox, you will create a prop that represents the book you read. You must check your book with me to make sure it is an appropriate reading level for you!

  • Read your book
  • Cover your shoebox with construction paper
    1. On the top of the box, recreate the cover of your book.
    2. On the two short sides, draw images of the main characters of your book
    3. On one long side, draw an interpretation of an important setting in the story.
    4. On the other long side draw an image (or images) that represents the theme (s) of the novel.
    5. Inside the box, recreate an important scene from your novel. OR Include a number of objects (at least five, but make use of the size of the box) that have significance to the story. Make sure everything is secure enough to handle being moved around.
    6. Also placed inside the box should be a written explanation of the images and symbols you’ve used to represent your book. Write about all exterior images and the objects or scene inside. Describe them and explain why you feel they are relevant to the story, or, in the case of characters, why you have depicted them the way you have (300-500 words).


Some additional information - requests, acceptable works, and so on.

Here is the scoring rubric I use to mark your efforts. (.pdf format)